Tala khaddam

Growing up in the French capital taught me the art of indulging in the passion for fashion. And for this reason my style is never consistent. Like most girls, it changes with my mood… often swaying from street to sophisticate. I’ve recently noticed myself becoming a tough luxe junkie, pairing the classics to sharp accessories all the while keeping that Jem and the Holograms edge. Enters Peonica London, whose pieces have recently rocketed to the top of my must-have list. From the Stardust bag to the Tasselbella clutch to the fur charms, these ready-to-wear British delights glam up all my outfits. Oh and of course let’s not forget the fameux Rainbow Fox Tail that puts the F in fluffy.

Peonica London is a combination of high luxury and punk rock chic. It’s safe to say that these edible-looking accessories are the sweetest grips out there!

Zoë’s playful use of colors, shapes and details got me right at the first glance. I admire her creativity and unique approach to fashion. Bravo!